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Smashwords at IBPA

Mark Coker will be giving a class on developing an ebook strategy at IBPA's Publishing University Online, on July 29th. According to the description, Coker will be covering:

1. Why ebooks are hot
2. Latest market sales data
3. Will ebooks cannibalize or complement print books?
4. How ebooks fit within overall publishing strategy
5. What books work best as ebooks
6. How Ebook formatting is different
7. Why multi-format is important
8. Evolving distribution models: The new ebook supply chain
9. How Amazon is vertically integrating its ebook business: friend or foe to the independent publisher?
10. To DRM or not DRM?
11. Ebook pricing models

For IBPA members (and any other small/midsized publisher), this kind of information is crucial!

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