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NYT: New Media is complicated

The writers are striking, and it's about YouTube.

Well, actually, it's not about YouTube exactly, but it's about writers reminding producers that they, too, are entitled to a cut of what the New York Times is calling "so-called-new-media revenue":

Screenwriters argue that their labors generally create programming that has very high value — value that would seem to multiply as it spread over more platforms.

Media companies have a story to tell as well: If they are about to make jillions on new media, the markets don’t seem to think so....Writers, still smarting from giving away the store in terms of video and DVD before the true value of those businesses became apparent, are not about to cave in. Producers, who have yet to find a revenue model for digital content, do not want to be hamstrung by a costly deal with writers while they try to figure it out.
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