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Would You Like an MP3 with That?

Burger King will be giving away DRM-free MP3s with meals in the UK, reports Tech.co.uk:

Under the campaign, consumers will be able to search for, sample, and download a pre-paid EMI Music track from a specially created microsite after inputting a unique code. Codes are being distributed to Burger King consumers upon purchase, and there will be links from the microsite to an online retailer, allowing consumers to purchase further tracks by EMI artists featured on the microsite.

Yes, the same EMI that is releasing DRM-free music to Apple is also looking for innovative ways to distribute music outside of iTunes, the article says:

EMI made an exclusive deal with promotions company VerveLife . The partnership gives VerveLife's brand partners access to a significant portion of EMI Music's catalogue in order to offer their consumers higher quality, DRM-free downloads via global promotional campaigns.

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