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One very interesting meeting at BEA was a group of folks interested in digital standards, talking about how to identify the increasingly fragmented content being distributed these days.

I think about the concept of the mash-up, and how college professors have been using that tool for quite some time in their courseware environments - combining chapters from different books, throwing in some video or visuals or music - to create entirely new experiences for their students.

And the question becomes, as that technology begins to migrate to the consumer market, how do those chunks of content get identified in the supply chain - how do the publishers and e-commerce vendors and distributors all talk to one another about selling this stuff?

Around the table, we had a large publisher, several small publishers, a distributor, the heads of two ISBN agencies, and a variety of others whose businesses run on digital standards. A very lively discussion, where we tried hard to crack this nut and then - once it became apparent that this wasn't going to happen within the confines of a two-hour meeting - settled on simply attempting to articulate the problems clearly. More will be coming out of BISAC about this - meanwhile, it was a great experience in how the landscape (and the attendant problems in publishing) is shifting.
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