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The Big Picture - DRM is Not Copyright; Copyright is not DRM: A Primer (Part I)

In this issue of The Big Picture:

- DRM is Not Copyright; Copyright is not DRM: A Primer (Part I of II), by Laura Dawson
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INTEL: COMPANIES - Murdoch’s MySpace expands into Chinese market
INTEL: PRODUCTS - Will the Amazon Kindle launch at BEA?
INTEL: PEOPLE - Genevieve Shore promoted as Penguin's Global Digital Director
THE JOB EXCHANGE - Listing the hottest jobs in the sector

"It occurred to me, in all the hoo-ha over Steve Jobs’s manifesto to record companies and Jack Valenti’s obituaries citing his work with the Copyright Term Extension Act, that some of the folks covering these events seem a little confused. There’s a common conflation of DRM – digital rights management – and copyright; a lot of writers are not really making a distinction between the two.

Copyright, as we know, is the set of laws that governs one’s ability to copy certain works. An author grants the “copy right” to a publisher, who has the exclusive right to reproduce the work – and pay the author a royalty. Eventually, the copyright expires and the work enters the public domain – meaning anyone can copy it and distribute it..."

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