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Valenti gone - DMCA to follow?

Jack Valenti, head of the MPAA, has joined Sonny Bono at St. Peter's Gate - will the DMCA follow behind? David Rothman has a squib on his Teleread blog that made me smile: "Jack Valenti Departs for Eternity: Will Copyrights Someday Last That Long?"

His successor at MPAA, Dan Glickman, spoke at LexisNexis's DRM conference over the weekend about "rippable" DVDs and the movie industry's take on those - Ars Technica has the scoop:

MPAA boss Dan Glickman said the movie studios were now fully committed to interoperable DRM, and they recognize that consumers should be able to use legitimate video material on any item in the house, including home networks. In a major shift for the industry, Glickman also announced a plan to let consumers rip DVDs for use on home media servers and iPods.

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