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Ravenous Romance

Hollan Publishing has recently spun off RavenousRomance.com, an online erotic romance publishing company. Launching December 1, they will offer daily novel-length titles for download, as well as a "Hot Fling" - a short story published at lunchtime.

The great thing about RavenousRomance is that their titles are available both as e-books and as MP3s - so you can either read or listen to them. Eschewing print entirely, they're satisfying an ever-growing market of women who are tech-savvy and still want their romance/erotica fix.

From the press release (but I've double-checked these figures and they're accurate):

Romance is the most popular genre in modern literature, generating $1.37 billion in net sales annually and accounting for 26.4% of all books sold. Demographically, 56% of romance readers are under age 44, and 74% have college degrees. Overall, these women are computer-literate and comfortable with new technologies. They are also voracious consumers, having read an average of nine romance novels each in 2006. Digital content offers a way for women to keep their interest in erotic romance discreet, portable, and affordable.

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