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This, from the Wall Street Journal, this morning:

Last week, in the context of Viacom?s $1 billion copyright suit against Google?s YouTube, U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ordered Google to turn over to Viacom its records of which users watched which videos on YouTube.

This doesn't strike me as a good idea. In the past, libraries and bookstores (and BuzzMachine has a great piece on this) have adamantly opposed government efforts to turn over user information (who buys which books, who withdraws which books). Once you start doing that, you get into questions of what people "should" and "shouldn't" be accessing. And that's not a uniform consensus - that's subject to political whim entirely. (And the concept of "fair use" is indeed a political one.)

Google is resisting the judge's order so far, asking instead to be able to "anonymize" the user logs.

And who is Judge Stanton? He is a Reagan appointee, a Yale and UVA graduate, born in 1927. Beyond that, we know very little. Obviously, HE has managed to keep his user data private.
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