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Carolyn Pittis's presentation at MIP included information about Authonomy, the new HarperCollins website for writers and readers. The Guardian ran a piece this morning about it - called "How to Outsource the Slush Pile" - in which the columnist says of the social networking functionality:

Thus, the democracy. No longer will the disgruntled writing masses be able to complain that their work has not been published because it has been vetoed by elite, snobbish publishing industry professionals. Now they will be kyboshing each other. (Or launching each other's careers.)

True dat, as my 14-year-old says constantly. However, Gawker - in a post called "How Not to Get Published" - takes it one step further:

I'm just going to say it: this is a retarded idea. It's an example of everything wrong with the Internet: supposed to help people or create new avenues of communication, but actually designed to be a pointless waste of time.

Yikes! As one Gawker commenter put it: "I thought Gawker already had this feature?" The time-wasting part, one thinks.
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