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And more on Amazon/BookSurge

Via Publishers Lunch, who refers to the "pipe dream" of the Washington attorney general's office pursuing Amazon for insisting on POD publishers using BookSurge - apparently the AG's office has read Amazon's online statement and felt it to be sufficient. (NB: actually finding this statement anymore on Amazon's site proves to be quite difficult. I had to leave the site, do some searches, and come back in via another route.)

The Washington attorney general's statement ends limply:

The complaints that we have received have come from across the country. It appears that the markets involved are national in scope. Thus, it may be more appropriate to refer this matter to one of the federal antitrust agencies for review.

For these reasons, and based on the information that has been provided to us, the Attorney General's office does not plan further action on this matter. However, and as noted before, this is not a conclusive legal opinion and anyone feeling that they have been harmed and wish to pursue a remedy should consider consulting with private counsel.

Writer's Weekly responds by squealing indignantly, and promptly educating readers as to how to file an antitrust complaint with the Department of Justice.

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