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BISG has announced the speaker lineup for this year's Making Information Pay conference, which will be held on May 9th. According to the press release that went out today:

? Carolyn Pittis, Senior Vice-President, Global Marketing Strategy & Operations at HarperCollins, giving her insight into attitudes to
experimentation in one of the largest and most innovative trade publishers in a presentation called "Teaching an Old House New Tricks."

? Michael Cader ? well-known in the industry as the innovator behind Publishers Lunch and Publishers Marketplace ? reflecting from personal experience on the value of persistent, but modest, innovation.

? Michael Raynor, author of the best-selling book The Strategy Paradox and a leading consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP, discussing the necessity of experimentation for business success.

? Todd Anderson, Director of the University of Alberta Bookstore, talking about his experience with the extraordinary Espresso Book Machine ? a truly local POD solution.

The event will also feature a panel of representatives from some of the most innovative publishers discussing their first-hand accounts of experiments that made a difference:

? Gwen Jones, Vice President, Publishing Information Systems and Technologies, John Wiley & Sons, discusses a new proposal process for eProducts.

? Malle Vallik, Director, Digital Content and Interactivity, Harlequin Enterprises, talks about a new model for selling short form fiction on the web.

? Neil DeYoung, Director of Digital Media, Hachette Book Group USA, shares the results of an experiment offering audio downloads without traditional digital rights management.

? Julie Grau, Senior Vice-President and Publisher, Spiegel and Grau, Random House Inc., shares her experience of offering free online content from a best-selling title.

Interested folks can go to the BISG website for more info.
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