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On Not Owning Your Content

Traditionally, for Easter, I stick a movie or two in the kids' Easter baskets. This year I didn't. I'm not quite sure why - it just didn't occur to me. The kids have HBO On Demand. They each have a Netflix account. We're never short of movies around here. But of course the kids argued with me this year. I pointed out how they are constantly getting movies - either in the mail or in the tubes.

"But we want them to OWN," said my little girl, who is 9.

"Why?" I said. "You can get them anytime - you can re-order them from Netflix, and HBO cycles their stuff, and half of what you already own is on the Disney Channel all the time anyway."

My daughters weren't buying my argument, but they will, I think. If our content is in the ether - if it's available by subscription (and subscriptions are getting increasingly cheaper) and we can pull it down whenever we want, what's the point of cluttering up your house with plastic boxes? Do my kids need movies as souvenirs the same way I need books as souvenirs?

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