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Can't We All Get Along?

The Bookseller's Association Digital Taskforce, out of London, is not going anywhere, reports The Bookseller.

After a carefully-researched report by Francis Bennett (founder of BookData) and Michael Holdsworth (head of BIC), the Bookseller's Association has "no plans" to adopt the report's recommendations:

Bennett believes that ?intense competition? is behind the inertia. ?Everyone continues to believe that their answer is the right one. As I have said on many occasions, that?s not very helpful.?
Essentially, it seems that publishers are each pursuing their own solutions, and collaboration isn't among them.

Bennett claimed that the publishing industry could face a format war similar to Sony and Toshiba?s dispute over who would become the dominant high-definition DVD supplier. ?The book trade is not big enough to support dozens of different solutions. There?s always one dominant solution and I would rather get that now.?
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