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Damn the iPod, damnit!

My iPod blew on Friday night.

Neither Windows nor iTunes would recognize the damn thing. At first, iTunes was telling me I had a device called "hegsie" that had 1700 gigabytes of space, most of which was taken up by non-audio files. My iPod is very sensibly named "Laura's iPod", and I don't know who this ridiculous "hegsie" is coming in and imposing itself on my iTunes.

I rebooted, reinstalled, restored, did all the "R" things. And by Saturday afternoon, "hegsie" had disappeared entirely. But "Laura's iPod" did not come back.

Because I restored the iPod to its factory settings (following the instructions on the Apple website!), I consequently deleted all the files off it (though they are still on my computer).

So now I have a blank iPod, which my computer will not recognize. I can't load it with audiobooks and music and videos. My workouts at the gym are...uninspired. That happy place I get to on the elliptical machine? No soundtrack for it anymore.

The iPod is not making the sad face, but I am.
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