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Satan buys Beliefnet

Rupert Murdoch has made the surprising-but-then-again-not move of acquiring Beliefnet, the spiritual website. Citing synergies with Zondervan and HarperOne, Newscorp is adding Beliefnet to the Fox Entertainment roster, along with MySpace and IGN. On the Beliefnet site, founder Faust - er, Steven Waldman - says:

We were in no rush to sell but I've always believed that Beliefnet would fully blossom with the help of a major media partner. In assessing acquirers, what did we look for? Though we wanted to obtain a fair price, as big a factor in our deliberations was whether, by selling, we could better meet our mission. We created Beliefnet primarily to make a difference, not a killing. As I explored the possibilities with News Corp., it became clear that, with their help, Beliefnet would be able to take quantum leap in what we can do.  The best spiritual and religious teachers ? from Rick Warren to the Dalai Lama -- pass through News Corp doors (through Harper Collins, Zondervan, Harper One and others). News Corp's reach is enormous. Its proficiency in the areas of video, social networking and media in general is unsurpassed.
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