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Meanwhile, BusinessWeek is convinced the Kindle changes everything

BusinessWeekwent ahead and said it - that the Kindle "just might be the iPod of reading". Man, I wouldn't want to be responsible for a statement like that one. Author David Kiley goes on to say:

It's not hard to see how Kindle will take off. Business travelers, I predict, will be the first to embrace it. Having a device with multiple books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs to travel with, which also has a long battery life, beats wrangling a laptop, magazines, and papers in an airline seat. The next market will be university students, undergrad and grad. With such a nifty application and the tension over ridiculously high prices for textbooks, going digital is a brainy way to deliver textbooks to an audience that is already used to digital consumption.

Again I say, when I see it on the F train, I'll know it's getting somewhere.
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