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Pajamas Media has a great piece by Richard Fernandez, their Sydney editor, on the unindexed web, particularly as it has to do with libraries:

Books are great, but digital storage is the wave of the future. Yet we cannot see the wave in its entirety. We don?t know where most of that avalanche of knolwedge is and how to easily find it. Most information on the Web is locked up in databases and cannot be ?spidered,? a term used to describe the software indexing of Internet material. For example, web pages generated from databases only ?exist? when a query is run, like online telephone directories which do not have a separate page for every person in the directory and only create a page in response to a request. Database generated pages have a transient existence and cannot easily be indexed. Password protected websites like locked apartments or private telephone numbers defy our attempts to see within them. Much information lives on the Deep Web. It is there but we cannot see it without taking special steps.

The immense size of the unindexed Internet has motivated consultants and online resources to offer help at finding information in the Deep Web the way traditional librarians guided scholars through the stacks in days gone by.

Something librarians have been saying for years. Perhaps THEY are the ideal consultants.

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