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Fractious Doings at Audiobook Conference

The Bookseller sponsors an annual seminar called Audio Revolution, and this year's was lively to say the least. The Book Standard reports that Robert Lands, an intellectual property lawyer, suggested that audiobook contracts be separately negotiated - as opposed to audio rights being thrown in with everything else in a book contract:

"Audiobooks in a way have far more in common with films than books in that there are actors, producers and a performance. There are a whole bundle of rights involved here that books just don't have."

At which point forty editors keeled over and had to be revived with liberal application of gin and tonics. Fortunately, literary agent Simon Trewin was there to save the day:

Trewin apologized for his fellow agents, calling some of them "Luddites." He added: "The book industry is very insular and cliquey, and often we like to deal with people we know. [Audiobooks] people are coming in from outside with new ideas, and we are not sure how to react."

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