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Frankfurt Vibe

Folks, the pre-Frankfurt drumbeat is SOOO digital. Monsters and Critics has a big article on how the book industry is afraid of 0s and 1s. Probably the most fabulous paragraph:

Some European libraries have portrayed the bid to digitize 500 years of books and newspapers as an imperialist plot, because the big players such as Google are based in the United States.

Yes! It IS an imperialist plot! (Gawd, wouldn't that be more intriguing than what it actually is, which is a FREAKIN' MESS.)

But the best news is at the bottom of the article:

The New York Times has reported that Amazon is to launch in October an e-book reader brand-named the Kindle and priced above 400 dollars. The most likely venue: the Frankfurt Book Fair.

I keep forgetting about that October launch. 

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