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The Big Picture - nterview with Steve Potash, CEO Overdrive-Digital Library Reserve

In this issue of The Big Picture:

THE DOWNLOAD: - by industry consultant Laura Dawson
INTERVIEW: - Steve Potash ? CEO of Overdrive-Digital Library Reserve
INTEL: COMPANIES - Overdrive teams up with Navy General Library
INTEL: PRODUCTS - Google Custom Search Business Edition launched
INTEL: PEOPLE - Former Muzers join MyStrands
THE JOB EXCHANGE - Visit the new LJNDawson.com on-site job board!

From The Download:
"I recently did a consulting gig for an e-commerce website whose database was about 10 years old. Essentially, we scrapped the old database and built a new one ? which involved some very careful, step-by-step cleansing of their metadata before plugging it into the new structure. Titles, author names, subject classifications ? all had to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb in an Excel spreadsheet.

Not the sexiest gig in the world, and I believe the lead developer (and he?ll confirm this for me, I?m sure) was bored out of his mind with that process. But immediately upon pumping the cleaned data to the website, customers wrote in to say they could find products more easily. (I was shocked, frankly, that customers would take the time to do this ? you?re supposed to be able to find things; that customers don?t take this for granted while shopping online just tells me how bad search is these days.)

Finding products more easily, of course, leads to better sales results. If you can find it, you can buy it..."

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