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The Big Picture - Interview with Cliff Guren, Microsoft Live Search Books

In this issue of The Big Picture:

- by industry consultant Laura Dawson
INTERVIEW: - Cliff Guren - Director of Publisher Evangelism, Microsoft Live Search Books
INTEL: COMPANIES - MediaBay dissolves, liquidates
INTEL: PRODUCTS - The inevitable Harry Potter hubub
INTEL: PEOPLE - BISG out of office indefinitely
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From The Download:
"I was talking to a young man recently who works in IT at a major publishing house. He has just started grad school, and was kind of in shock at what libraries had to offer. ?Whatever it is that we can think of for our books,? he said, ?they?ve probably already invented it.?

I don?t know that I would quite go that far, but it is true that libraries have done a lot more with search and categorization of content than publishers are aware of. And as publishers enter this age of Google and Live Search, of widgets, of social networking ? as publishers look at what technology can do to help potential readers discover their books ? they probably could stand to look at what libraries have already done so they don?t re-invent the wheel..."

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