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Who's your DADdy?

Unfortunately I had to miss yesterday's Klopotek conference over at the Hilton, led by Mike Shatzkin, about digital asset distributors (DADs). My oldest daughter was graduating from middle school, a ceremony peppered with buoyant speeches from local dignitaries, and a variety of performances.

I have to say, the speech given by the valedictorian was ridiculously boring and predictable, and I wondered if this poor kid had sacrificed all personality and quirk to please his teachers and parents. He seemed to have nothing to bring to the podium but good grades. I've been listening to Seth Godin's "Small Is the New Big" on my iPod, and he elaborates a little on his Purple Cow theory - what differentiates you (or your company) from everybody else? How do you stand out and show that you are like no one else, so that people will notice you and hire you/buy your product - as opposed to hiring someone else or buying something else.

Once this kid gets out of school, his grades will be pretty meaningless. I hope he spends high school actually living a little and developing as a person...because that's ultimately what people will pay attention to and hire.

Meanwhile, I'll be in the park pretty much all day today, as both Miss Personality and her little sister have class picnics....I'm expecting reports from the DAD conference to trickle in and I'll be posting more next week.
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