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- by industry consultant Laura Dawson
TIA - THIS ISSUE'S ACRONYM - GDSN ? Global Data Synchronization Network
INTEL: PRODUCTS - 979 ISBN prefixes on the horizon
INTEL: PEOPLE - Founder of Questia leaves to start new project
THE JOB EXCHANGE - Listing the hottest jobs in the sector

"An interesting private meeting at BEA?not back-room politics, but an outgrowth of the fantastic discussions we?ve been having at the BISAC Identification Committee. A group of people faced with the collision of digital distribution into physical products ? the heads of Nielsen Bookscan, US ISBN, ISBN International, BISG, BISAC, Ingram Digital, and several publishers ranging from large (Random House) to midsized (a university press) to small?as well as a smattering of consultants (me and Michael Holdsworth) ? well, we all got together around a table and just talked.

The meeting covered a range of topics, but we began with the proliferation of formats of digital content: Different codecs of audiobooks, for example; different formats of ebooks to suit different readers. Should each of these formats get a separate ISBN? The ISBN standard says yes, each one should..."

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