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In this issue of The Big Picture:

- by Laura Dawson
TIA - THIS ISSUE'S ACRONYM - ISPI ? International Standard Party Identifier
INTEL: COMPANIES - Thomson Learning Division sells...finally
INTEL: PRODUCTS - Amazon launches Podcasts Network
INTEL: PEOPLE - Muze staff still playing round robin
THE JOB EXCHANGE - Listing the hottest jobs in the sector

"I know I promised more about DRM, but this last week saw two important conferences in the McGraw-Hill Auditorium in New York City: IDPF and MIP. So we will take up Part II of DRM Is Not Copyright; Copyright Is Not DRM in the next issue.

Yes, more acronyms ? IDPF is the International Digital Publishers Forum; MIP is ?Making Information Pay?, the annual conference held by the Book Industry Study Group.

Those who attended both noted the similarities in the concerns addressed by the speakers. Essentially, the importance of data standards ? especially when it comes to interoperability of files with different types of hardware ? was a much-emphasized topic. But what really struck some of us was how so many attendees were muttering the words ?tipping point?..."

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