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Google's got yetanother blog running, to add to the already existing 22 some-odd blogs - this one "Inside Google Book Search"looks at what's going on in the Google Book Search (previously 'Google Print') Project - something we've not heard much news on lately, particularly from the publishing sector.
What IS going on with Google's project these days?
According to the site, with the "Sample Pages View" -"If the publisher of author has given us permission, users can see a limited numberof pages from the book." and with the "Full Book View" - visitors can read the entire book via Google Book Search "...if the book is out of copyright, or if the publisher or author has asked to make the book fully viewable."

With 'buy this book' and 'find this book in a local library' links Google Book Searchis much more than a digital card catalog and extract repository.

In an attempt to curb any negative publicity regarding copyright issues with the project, the site also hosts a News and Views section where authors, publishers, and readers, etc. can and have shared their project participation'successstories.'
In further defense of the project Googlewrites, "Some of our critics believe that somehow Google Book Search will become a substitute for the printed word. To the contrary, our goal is to improve access to books ? not to replace them...
Copyright law is supposed to ensure that authors and publishers have an incentive to create new work, not stop people from finding out that the work exists. By helping people find books, we believe we can increase the incentive to publish them. After all, if a book isn't discovered, it won't be bought."

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