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Have You Read That Great New...Blook?

Yes - it's one of the latest terms spawned from the blogosphere, and the moniker already has it's own literary prize to offer.

Like the Brangelina of the publishing world, 'blooks' as defined by LuLu the POD publisher, and the organizer of the 2006 Blooker Prize, are a hybrid of sorts:

n. blook. A printed and bound book, based on a blog 
         (cf. web log) or website; a new stage in the life-cycle of content, 
         if not a new category of content and a new dawn for the book itself. 
         cf. The Lulu Blooker Prize, ("The Blooker"), a literary prize, founded 
         2005, for  blooks. [der. Eng. book, a bound collection of sheets of 
         paper; blog (abbrev. web log, an internet journal, diary or personal 

The inaugural 2006 awards were bestowed earlier this month, with LuLu promising another round for 2007. Titles selected this year included one each in the fiction, non-fiction, and comics categories.
It isn't clear just how many titles were submitted for the award, but those selected, as well as the runners up, are very intriguing to say the least.

If you are writing a blog with the intention of publishing a blook, or are already on the blook bandwagon, where you are on the web - we're curious.
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