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Too Busy Working to Blog

Right, so we won't call October our most productive month ever, blog-wise, though work-wise there's a whole lotta shakin' going on. But there are some good things to report: Muze is looking for a few . Muze is a fun company to work for - I enjoyed my time there considerably.

continues its steamrolling of the book industry. On 10/27, several librarians in the CUNY system and I gave a presentation at BMCC, where we each tackled a separate facet of the Google presence in libraries. This is an ongoing project (in other words, more presentations, articles, etc.), but in the short term you can access my bit of it here. (Thanks, Hamid!)

Charleston Conference is next week, and I will be on the Batphone on Saturday discussing publishers and ISBN-13.

We're treading water here, not suffering from lack of business but from lack of
FUN NEWS!  us your squibs, people - Tess and I can't do it alone....
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