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Okay okay okay

Yes, yes, I know. I KNOW. I've been out slaying dragons and I haven't had two seconds to think. Thanks to the goddessly , whose gentle proddings interrupted the snicker-snack of my vorpal blade and reminded me that it's been ELEVEN DAYS since my last post, an unforgivable lapse in blog-land.

And what has gone on in those last eleven days...My brother, a hardware engineer for Sun, hints at big things to come with the
Google/Sun partnership - bypassing the need for Microsoft altogether, a longtime dream of Scott McNealy. Google's expressed an interest in AOL - having an in with AOL's subscribers would allow Google to...well, continue taking over the world. The boys at ZDnet have got it all figured out here, though personally I find that sort of figuring to resemble John Madden scribbling on a blackboard - thoroughly incomprehensible.

All this tectonic shifting of software/portal/search engines will inevitably result in an earthquake. The blogs are filled with
salivating puppies wagging their tails in anticipation of THE BIG SHAKEOUT. Predictions abound. Yawn.

On the Google Print front: a
great article posted on the BBC website. Cogently argued, this piece advocates changing copyright law to allow for scanning entire books for the purposes of search - that trying to have the Google Print debate in the current legal environment is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The landscape has shifted, and the law needs to account for that.
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