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Raving Nutballs Occasionally Make Sense

A political burp: Lou Dobbs has adopted the party lineabout the Katrina refugees in New Orleans. Statistically, that's about right; nobody can be all whacked all the time. Now back to the nutshow.

Fortunately, Anderson Cooper is a tonic to everything - and I do mean
everything - as he sticks it to the powers that be. Only a Dalton-educated, Vanderbilt-heir, prematurely grey, blue-eyed white CNN boy could do what he did. Wonkettecalls him "Secretary of Take-No-Shit". Amen, sister. We love our Anderson.

All right - business as usual. Google -
expanding to Europe. Horse out of barn, train out of station, cat out of bag, metaphor of your choice. Horse-train-cat not going back in again. What did I tell you.
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