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Piracy? What piracy?

If there can be said to be a traditional view in the world of content distribution, it's that China is rife with pirates. Philosophies abound as to why this is - that content thievery occurs because said content is not readily available for sale, that pilfering has gone undetected in the US and therefore un-prosecuted - all of which sparks a vicious cycle of not offering content to China, hence upping the ante for more piracy.

But Warner Bros.
announced on Monday that it had established a deal with TOM Online, whereby TOM will distribute Warner Bros. content over wireless broadband. Ringtones, games...what's that you're sniffing? Could it be the sweet smell of cold hard yuan? The prospect of paying customers finally outweighing the fear of thousands of Chinese cellphones buzzing illegally with "wascally wabbit" ringtones?

Good for Warner for recognizing a great new frontier when they see one. It only took a billion Chinese waving money at them
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