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Non-Curated Blogs on Amazon

Yesterday I received a very helpful email from someone at Amazon named Zoz, informing me of their new self-service blog distribution platform for the Kindle.

Amazon already distributes blogs using Newstex’s Blogs on Demand service (full disclosure: I consulted to Newstex for over a year, helping them develop News on Demand and Blogs on Demand). And I’ve written on the effectiveness of that on David Wilk’s Livewires blog.

What I’ve found in running Bloggapedia for nearly four years now (OMG, it’s really been that long) is that when distributing blog content, human intervention is everything. To state the obvious, blogs can be ephemeral things. People start them, and abandon them. There are countless spam blogs, mirrors of existing blogs. When blogs are good, they’re fantastic – some of my favorites are The Awl, Teleread, Smart Bitches Trashy Books, Persona non Data, Peter Brantley’s blog – but those are the cream of the crop. At the next level you have personal blogs, which are also great but have a very limited audience. And at the bottom level you’ve got porn, blogs that make no sense, and hateful blogs.

Curation is crucial for content distribution. Not providing that service for your customers is just baffling.

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