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Google says they’re a nicer company because they share

The NY Times today looks at Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s anti-Microsoft mindset – one that well predates his tenure at Google (he came up at Sun Microsystems, as anti a Microsoft shop as Apple):

In an interview in November, Mr. Schmidt said he understood the comparison [between the two behemoths] but that it “rankled” him.

“Microsoft was found guilty in a federal court,” he said. The big software maker, he argued, illegally maintained its Windows monopoly by stifling rivals. “Fundamentally, they blocked people from entering their ecosystem.”

“At Google,” Mr. Schmidt added, “we had a long conversation about, if we became a big company, how could we avoid that. There are a lot of technical things we can do and have done. But the one that we decided that was most important was not to trap user data. That is important because” if you can move your data from Google, “you always have a choice to go to a competitor of Google. That is absolutely not true in Microsoft’s history.”

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