January 16, 2006

Press Release: "Triskaidekaphobia is Fear of the Number 13 - ISBN-13 by 2007"

Laura Dawson, consultant to the publishing industry, prompts book publishers, merchants, and distributors toward the 2007 industry objective of implementing ISBN-13.

Have you ever wondered what those numbers in the barcode of the novel you're reading are? Probably not - but in the book publishing and retail industries the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is critical.

A standardized way to identify books on a global scale, ISBN has helped publishers, distributors, and merchants manage the book business since its original incarnation as Britain's SBN (Standard Book Numbering) in 1966.

But, as everything in the business world, it is susceptible to progress; in 1970 the numbering system was adopted internationally. In 2007 the ISBN system will undergo yet another growth spurt as it attempts to account for the hundreds of thousands of new book titles being produced annually.

Adoption of ISBN-13 is a necessary process for all aspects of the book industry; as Laura Dawson of LJNDawson.com states:
"by January 1, 2007, most trading in the book industry will be done in ISBN-13. Therefore if a company isn't ready to trade in 13 digits, that company might find itself without trading partners."

Dawson, a consultant to the publishing sector who has worked with the Book Industry Study Group to bring attention to the approaching deadline is cited in an article from industry-standard Publisher's Weekly about a peripheral lassitude toward the change:
"The issue of the 13-digit ISBN is not just for the IT department..." (Full-text article located here.)

Dawson directs those with questions or concerns on the move from 10 to 13 digits to the BISG website, where numerous resources have been provided for reference and download.

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