September 6, 2005

Press Release: "LJNDawson.com Relaunches"

LJNDawson.com is pleased to announce the relaunch of its website at ljndawson.com. With design by thesuperheavy.com and engineering by Hamidof.com, the new site features a press room, which includes a PDF press kit; compiling a brief synopsis of the career development and industry activity of Laura Dawson as well as press releases, client list, and industry-related feature articles authored by Ms. Dawson.

The website also features new navigation, graphics, and logo - and, of course, a direct link to the regularly updated blog which continues to take a hard-line, yet conversational approach, to industry issues.

LJNDawson.com consults to publishers and other content providers regarding growth strategy, database development, content packaging and licensing, outreach efforts, and comprehensive project and information management.

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