June 23, 2005

Press Release: "Industry Veteran Laura Dawson Blogs Insider's Perspective"

LJNDawson.com is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog authored by industry veteran Laura Dawson. Dawson, an independent consultant, offers the straight scoop on industry news and happenings with eighteen years of in-depth experience lending credence to her perspective.

The weblog page, an extension of the LJNDawson.com company website, goes by the same name and can be found at LJNDawson.com. Readers are invited to check the blog frequently for an unvarnished look at crucial book and content industry issues as well as to interact with the site�s conversational text by blogging their own thoughts and opinions via the "comments" option.

Daily, Dawson provides her answer to the question "What do you think of...?" analyzing industry news on both a national and international scale with the same professional, no-nonsense philosophy she applies to business affairs.

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